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So...Are You

I Am Third – Living for Others

There are sayings in our culture that simply are impossible to correctly attribute because they have been passed along by so many different avenues.  One such saying or credo was the inspiration for a book title, “I Am Third” written by Gale Sayers, a record breaking running back for the Chicago Bears many years ago.  In that book he relates how he came to have that simple epithet hanging on a chain from his neck for many of his playing years.  He saw a plaque on a coach’s desk that said simply, “God is first; my friends are second; and I am third.”  Gale stated how that simple saying became his life creed.  He always sought to place God and others before himself.  The life lived for God and others is a powerful life.

Gayle Sayers, Portrait

The following videos will help establish this thesis: