When will my Impact Points be updated on my Free Think U dashboard?
Points earned from passing a Free Think U course experience will be updated twice monthly. All Impact Points awarded for actions (Facebook posts, Tweets, etc.) will be instantly posted to your dashboard.
What is the minimum passing score to pass Free Think U assessments?
The minimum passing grade for every Free Think U course experience is 80%.
If I earn a scholarship, do my points remain the same or are they re-set?
Each scholarship winner's dashboard will be re-set to 2,000 Impact Points.
If I win a scholarship, where will the money be sent?
A check in payment of your scholarship award will be sent from Free Think U Foundation directly to your College or University's Financial Aid Office - except in the case of UP! Scholarships (which are payable from the sponsor of the scholarship to you or to your college or university).
Are there any additional documents that need to be completed after I win a scholarship?
Yes. We request that scholarship winners send the following information: a personal photo (preferably in .jpg format); a biographical sketch including future career plans; the name of the college or university you are (or will be) attending; your field of study; and a 1-2 sentence summary about your Free Think U experience.
Can I re-take courses to earn additional Impact Points?
You may only take each course experience once for Impact Points. However, you are welcome to go through or reference the course material as often as you would like.
How will I know where I stand in relation to other students during Free Think U scholarship competitions?
Free Think U will post a "Points Leaderboard" relating to the general standings as well as updates on designated competitions for a specific college or university or other affinity group. Make sure you are signed up for the scholarship updates newsletter; and that you check in on your dashboard for scholarship information specific to you.